Mary Did You Know…

Today as I am listening to Christmas music (worship, Christmas music that is) my mind is drawn to Mary and the lessons that can be learned through her example. Here is a young girl with her life ahead of her. She is looking forward to the future. Looking forward to her wedding day, to being a house wife and setting up a comfortable home for herfuture children. But one day her life is turned upside down. Mary gets a
visit from an angel that tells her she will have a son. This did not fit into Marys’ dream life. Mary was not even married yet and during this time women were killed for such sins. What would she do? Where would she go? What would her parents think of her? What about Joseph, the love of her life, the one that had chosen her to be his wife? So many questions and no real answers to be found.

We never learn what Mary’s parents thought of her and the situation because the Bible never tells us. We do know that Joseph is angry at first but he does take her for his wife and he protects her life and the life of the baby to be born.

I can only imagine what it was like traveling the long road and giving birth in a stable. Having no provision for the baby other than spare strips of cloths to wrap Him in. They did not even have a home yet. I wonder how many people passed judgement upon Mary and Joseph? I have learned from experience that sometimes when people are doing what God has told them to do, others pass false accusations. “Well, they must have a sin issue going on or else the conditions would be better”. That is not always the case. Sometimes people are going through things because it is part of the “PLAN” that God has set before them.

Joseph and Mary raised Jesus to the best of their abilities. They never became rich by earthly measure. They did have more children and the Bible tells us that even Jesus’ brothers did not believe that He was the Son of God.

I’m sure throughout Jesus’ life on earth and throughout His childhood Mary must have had a lot of questions, a lot of doubts, a lot of fears. Can you imagine if God had chosen you to raise His son? I would constantly be questioning my every move, my every decision. I’m sure there was some relief when He became of age and the burden was not so heavy.

Yet as Jesus turned the young age of 33 Mary watched as her “Baby” was tortured and murdered for a people that He loved so much. For a people that He purposely came to earth to save. He was the ultimate sacrifice for our sins. I cannot imagine the pain that Mary felt, the heartache, the questioning of why it had to be this way. Her sorrow was deep, the pain unexplainable. That was her “baby”. But through every emotion there was a sense of peace because that was His call and she had completed her “call”.

My mind even wonders to the days, weeks, months and years following Jesus death. Was the mockery still upon her? Was she labeled by some as “the crazy woman”? “The woman who thought her son was the Son of God.” “Bet she doesn’t think that since He is now dead.”

There is so much to Mary’s story other than the fact that she was Jesus’ earthly mother.

I love it when God gives insight into the stories of the Bible. So often we just read the verses and move on but what if we took the time to allow God to show us the story?

There is an amazing sermon is Mary’s story.