To Judge or Not to Judge…But Should We Ever Smear?

Should we judge? If we do judge, should we then smear? Powerful questions to think about. I do believe the Bible gives us permission to be fruit inspectors. We are told that we will know them by their fruits. But are we guilty at looking at other things than fruit? If we think we will agree with everyone that is a Christian…we are wrong. If we think because someone teaches things a little differently than we do…they are wrong, but are they?
I love hearing different views and I, myself, love to think outside the box. As long as the heart of the scriptures are not being changed then I think there is no reason for dispute.
So going back to should we judge? I believe we are entitled to judge according to fruit. I may not like someone’s ministry but if there is good fruit there…I should heed the scripture that tells us not to touch God’s anointed. Good fruit and God’s anointing goes hand in hand.
Now, if I find the fruit is bad is it my place to smear? This is where I become troubled. Sometimes people will start smearing someone’s reputation and the “Christian Smear Fest” begins. Everyone on social media begins sharing an article, a quote, maybe even a meme. And sometimes they put their own judgements with it.
But here are my questions…
1. Have you listened to this person’s teachings?
2. Have you followed this person’s ministry for a while?
3. Did you do your research to make certain this person’s comment was not taken out of context?
4. Have you inspected the fruit of this person’s ministry?
5. What audience are you hoping to witness to by sharing and making comments? The sinners or the saints? Both are watching…
Some of the things we smear only lead the world to say, “and that is exactly why I don’t need church in my life.” or “Christians are so judgmental even towards one another.”
We need to shine our love for Christ. Humans are imperfect. And if we find someone’s ministry that we don’t agree with…I think we should refrain from the “Christian Smear Fest”, especially online. We need to be fearful of I Chronicles 16:22 especially if we find good fruit.
Let everyone inspect the fruit for themselves. If they need guidance let them speak to a mature, Christian leader in their life. After all, some of us have some “not so good” fruit in our own lives we need to tend to. Let us rethink our “smearing” habits.